Eric Kettenburg

Early interpretational smooth-rifle, 1750s.

Interpretive rifle ca. 1777 through 1779, Allentown 'arsenal.'  

Peter Angstadt ca. 1790s.

Peter Angstadt ca. 1800.

Peter Angstadt, interpretational, ca. 1800.

Interpretational Oley Valley  ca. 1790s.  Influence of Christian Derr.

Various Pistols.

Berks Co. Blue Mtn; Albany or Greenwich Townships.

John Rupp ca. 1790s.

An old, southern relic.

Lehigh / Bucks border area.

A rough, very early rifle.

A couple of Faber / Huber style southern rifles.

Kutztown area ca. 1800.

As weird as it gets...

Early doglock musket, reworked in Lehigh area during Revolution.

Rifles after Johannes Moll and/or John Moll II.

Allentown area ca. 1790s, probably Moll family or John Rupp.