A Lehigh Valley Oddity.

    I would speculate that this may be one of those ‘oddball’ pieces which originated in the area to the south of Allentown; upper and lower Milford, upper and lower Saucon and Salisbury [sometimes ‘Salsburg’] townships make up the region of old Northampton County which adjoined Berks, Montgomery and Bucks Counties.  Some very strange rifles are apparently attributable to this region and the piece above may likely be counted among them.  It appears to manifest characteristics of both ‘proper’ Lehigh rifles as well as Bucks County-school pieces, and additionally is decorated in a wonderful folk style which can be tied to a number of other rifles of the same assumed region.  As a purely curious side-note, this rifle is possessive of the widest trigger I have ever seen - I believe the pad easily measures a full half-inch in width.