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Evolution of the side-opening box in Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

(This is a perpetual work-in-progress.)

Part 1:  Georg Leyendecher, 1771.

Part 2:  Simon Leidacre of the Town of Northampton, Locksmith.

Part 3:  David Deshler’s Rifle.

Part 4:  John Tyler, Ebenezer Cowell and Sixteen Unknown Workmen.

Part 5:  Additional Notes Concerning Peter Neihart of Whitehall Township.

Part 6:  Johannes Moll of Allentown.

Part 7:  Other Leyendecker Family Groups of Uncertain Relation.

Part 8:  An Unknown Master Near Allen’s Town.

Part 9:  The Controversy Surrounding ‘Rifle Gun Number 42,’ Part 1.

Part 10:  The Controversy Surrounding ‘Rifle Gun Number 42,’ Part 2.

Part 11:  Moravian Artisans in North Carolina:  a Brief Study Relative to the Firearms Trade. 

Part 12:  Edward Marshall’s Rifle.

Conclusion, etc.


*** A note on the photography within these articles:  I am not a professional photographer!  I have done my best, regarding the photographs I have personally taken, to render the subjects in the best light possible and to provide detail.  Many of my photos were taken under less-than-ideal conditions and lacking professional background and/or lighting.  I will be constantly trying to upgrade and improve the photography available for certain of the pieces as time permits and permission to do so is granted.  Likewise, I am deeply indebted to the Shumways for permission to reproduce herein a number of George Shumway’s wonderful photos from RCA Vol. I and II.  I will also attempt periodically to obtain photographs of certain of those pieces in color, if possible. ***

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