Eric Kettenburg

Creating truly authentic flintlock firearms in the old Pennsylvania German tradition, my focus is upon the later Colonial and early Federal periods.  I place a particular emphasis upon the material culture which was inherent to the region southeast of the “First” or Blue Mountain, encompassing present-day Berks, Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

Eric Kettenburg

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New Albany, Pennsylvania 18833


The absolute finest in authentic, collectible flintlock firearms.

The unique firearms that I create maintain the highest degree of both quality and authenticity - this is due to the use of appropriate raw materials, proper architecture and period workmanship.  By constantly examining and researching 18th century arms, I have gained insights into the subtle work practices of early gunsmiths and subsequently incorporate many such details into my own work.  This will help to yield a much more historically accurate piece.  A reliance upon traditional hand-tools further reinforces my dedication to creating heirloom-quality rifles, fowlers and pistols that possess the perfect balance of form and function.  It is extremely important to me that early standards of design and workmanship are evident in my work without the addition of any modern infringements.  As will seem evident by the orientation of my interests, I particularly enjoy creating longrifles of the old Northampton County region (often referred to as “Lehigh Valley” rifles).  Other areas of high interest are Berks County and Bucks County (Pennsylvania) as well as Colonial-era New England fowlers.


I view every piece that I build as a whole and not merely a random collection of parts; traditional workmanship, construction methods and integrity of design are all factors that warrant strong consideration.  My guns reflect upon both my personal character and my abilities as an artisan long after they have left my shop.  It is only fitting that I constantly strive to ensure that the reflection is one that we can both appreciate.

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